It is a great story and the book has a lot more depth to it than Stanley Kubrick’s film version of the story; so if you have seen the film—most people have—don’t think that gives you an excuse not to read the book. The setting and characters are influenced by King's personal experiences, including both his visit to The Stanley Hotel in 1974 and his struggle with alcoholism. He resists initially but then starts to falter. Published in 1977 by Doubleday & Co., Inc., it's in very good vintage condition, with tight spine and no loose pages. Jack storms off to the Gold Room, where a lavish ball is being thrown. Although he pretends he is sorry for scaring her and asks her to get him a doctor, Wendy firmly explains that she is going to take Danny down the mountain in the Snowcat. On Monday, Danny is watching cartoons with his mother in the hotel lobby. The novel opens with him thinking, "officious little prick" (1.1) about a man named Ullman who's interviewing him for a job as caretaker of the Overlook Hotel.Ullman wants to be sure that Jack's wife, Wendy, knows what she's getting into, and what their son Danny is getting into by staying at the Overlook all winter. Finally the ghost of Delbert Grady tries to convince him to do as he did and kill his family. She jumps and backs away from him, gripping the baseball bat harder. Grady has no recollection of the murders and assures Jack that Jack himself has "always" been the caretaker of the hotel. The book was followed in 2013 by the sequel Doctor Sleep. You can help us out by revising, improving and updating This car belongs to Jack Torrance, who has driven three hours to the isolated Overlook Hotel for a job interview. The main character Jack Torrance is a violent, recovering alcoholic … Jack makes his way to the bathroom door and begins chopping it down, spouting odd references to Johnny Carson and "The Three Little Pigs." Barbour, Polly. The book is about Tony and how hard his life is after his girlfriend go to the hospital in a coma from the accident. Thanks for exploring this SuperSummary Plot Summary of “The Shining” by Stephen King. Even as Dick continues talking to Wendy, Danny hears Dick telepathically ask him, "How'd you like some ice cream, Doc? Meanwhile, Jack chases Danny outside and turns on the hedge maze's exterior lights. Copyright © 1999 - 2021 GradeSaver LLC. The Shining (1977 Novel) essays are academic essays for citation. In-depth summary and analysis of every chapter of The Shining. She seizes the kitchen knife Danny holds from his hand. Jack complains to Lloyd that Wendy won't let him forget about the time he hurt Danny years ago, calling her "a bitch." Wendy suggests they take Danny away from the hotel, but Jack is furious that Wendy would suggest leaving, as it would break his contract with the hotel. PDF Book Library The Shining Book Vs Movie Summary Epub Books: The Shining Book Vs Movie Epub Books the shining book vs movie contains important information and a. the shining Download the shining or read online here in PDF or EPUB. By the next morning, Jack is frozen solid in the hedge maze. Dick explains that he, too, is able to communicate telepathically, and that he learned about it through his similarly talented grandmother, who called this power "shining." Tagged Danny Torrance, Dick Halloran, Jack Torrance, the shining book explained, the shining book review, the shining book summary, Wendy Torrance. These notes were contributed by members of the GradeSaver community. Tony replies that Jack has already accepted the job and will call Wendy in a few minutes to tell her the good news. Find out what happens in our Chapter 1 summary for The Shining by Stephen King. Both father and son enter the snowy hedge maze, and Danny realizes Jack is tracking his footprints. The Shining, by Stephen King, the undisputed master of the modern horror story. They look at each other, smile, and leave. Suddenly, Jack appears behind Wendy and asks, "How do you like it?" He has unresolved anger issues and is an alcoholic in recovery, and assaulted one of his students in a fit of drunken rage. Simultaneously, Dick Hallorann seems to have a vision while watching news coverage of the Colorado snowstorm in his Miami bedroom. King, who is perhaps best known for the apocalyptic novel The Stand , cites American horror writer Ray Bradbury as a major influence on his own writing. Some of the most beautiful resort hotels in the world are located in Colorado, but Stephen King's The Shining Chapter Summary. Complete summary of Stephen King's The Shining. The Shining is a supernatural horror novel written by Stephen King and published in 1977. Fine. The Shining is 416 pages long. First Edition/First Printing. Jack assures him that they don't drink. Furious, Jack accuses her of failing to understand his responsibilities to the hotel. Easily, one of my top three favorite books of all time. A bartender, Lloyd, mysteriously appears behind the counter of bar. She uses its radio system to call the local rangers, who tell her that the phone lines will probably be down all winter, as they are experiencing one of the worst snowstorms in years. Danny tells the hotel it will shortly explode because Jack never relieved the pressure on the boiler; grabbing his mother and Hallorann, Danny flees. Dick tries calling the hotel but cannot get through, so he asks the ranger station to radio the hotel. Along the way, he calls Danny by the name "Doc," and Wendy asks how Dick knew that was Danny's nickname. resource to ask questions, find answers, and discuss the novel. Meanwhile, Danny has a vision of the bloody elevator bank. The doctor explains that there is nothing physically wrong with Danny and asks when Tony appeared in Danny's life. This study guide and infographic for Stephen King's The Shining offer summary and analysis on themes, symbols, and other literary devices found in the text. She drags him to the hotel kitchen and locks him in the storage room, grabbing a kitchen knife to defend herself. Shop with confidence on eBay! List of characters in The Shining is a complete list of each of every character in the 1977 novel The Shining. Ullman also tells them that the hotel is built on a Native American burial ground. She locks him in the walk in pantry but Delbert's ghost frees him after he has promised to kill Wendy and bring Danny to him. Days later, snow sets in, and Danny and Wendy play in it outside the hotel. Wendy stabs Jack's hand with the kitchen knife as he tries to unlock the door, injuring him temporarily. The Shining essays are academic essays for citation. Find summaries for every chapter, including a The Shining Chapter Summary Chart to help you understand the book. Dick enters the hotel lobby, calling out, and Jack follows his voice. Larry agrees to rent Dick a Snowcat once he reaches town. The boiler explodes, with Jack still in the building. There are a lot of differences. Danny looks profoundly uncomfortable, but answers that he is. Me again, with another book you should consider picking up, if you haven't yet read this gift to the world. Dick comforts Danny, explaining that certain bad things have left a mark on the hotel that only people who "shine" can see. Published in 1977. Instant downloads of all 1388 LitChart PDFs (including The Shining). A presold prefab blockbuster, what with King's Carrie hitting the moviehouses, Salem's Lot being lensed, The Shining itself sold to Warner Bros. and tapped as a Literary Guild full selection, NAL paperback, etc. He fights this off and instead leads Wendy and Danny to safety. This free study guide is stuffed with the juicy details and important facts you need to know. The Shining Summary. The man begs Jack to follow him to the restroom, where he introduces himself as Delbert Grady. The Shining Summary & Study Guide Description. This is known as "the shining"; but it is recognized by the hotel chef, Dean Hallorann, who has similar abilities and attempts to mentor him so that he can understand his gift. The story of this film is based off the book, The Shining by Stephen King. Ullman, the hotel's manager, is interviewing Jack for a job as the hotel's caretaker during the winter months, when the hotel closes due to the harsh weather and impassable roads. Danny reaches into his pocket and pulls out the hotel’s skeleton key. It painfully deals with many of King's recurring themes, including alcoholism, domestic violence, misfit, yet gifted children and the insanity of authors. The Shining is a supernatural horror novel written by Stephen King and published in 1977. The The Shining (1977 Novel) Community Note includes chapter-by-chapter summary and analysis, character list, theme list, historical context, author biography and … Visit Today. Thanks. Can't get enough of Stephen King's classic horror novel? Eclipsed perhaps only by its 1980 film adaptation, the novel is one of the most popular and enduring horror stories of all time. All books are in clear copy here, and all files .. In the mammoth kitchen, Dick assures Wendy that she will find every kind of food she might need during the winter. The Question and Answer section for The Shining is a great Danny sends Hallorann a psychic distress signal and hurries back to the hotel from his winter job in Florida. The Shining is the third book published by Stephen King; it is his third novel. Moments later, Wendy enters the Gold Room holding a baseball bat. Jack enters Room 237 to investigate, and he sees a figure in the bathtub. Danny, too, appears to experience a vision. Back in their hotel room, Danny is experiencing a vision again, and repeats the word "REDRUM." THE SHINING, by Stephen King, is slowly but surely changing that perception. These papers were written primarily by students and provide critical analysis of The Shining (1977 Novel) by Stephen King. It is a young, beautiful woman, and she rises from the tub to approach Jack, putting her arms around him. Tony, Danny's imaginary friend (voiced by Danny and embodied by his index finger), likewise expresses his reluctance to move to the hotel. Meanwhile, Wendy is tinkering with the hotel boilers when she hears Jack moaning. Wendy finds the hotel breathtaking, and Mr. Ullman explains to her that it used to be a sought-after destination for movie stars and U.S. presidents. He is attacked by the topiary animals and by Jack. LitCharts Teacher Editions. The dust jacket has some minor wear on some edges--see photos for condition. Jack Torrance interviews for a job as the winter caretaker at the Overlook Hotel, a remote resort in Colorado built between 1907 and 1909.Jack instinctively dislikes the hotel manager, Stuart Ullman, and the feeling is mutual. The doctor asks Danny if Tony ever gives him instructions, but Danny won't answer. If you have never read the Shining, please give yourself a gift and read it if you enjoy horror. He blames her for screwing up his life and promises not to let her screw up this opportunity. Dick reacts strongly, insisting that although there is "nothing" in Room 237, Danny should "stay out!". The Shining begins with Jack Torrance being interviewed for the caretaker's job at the Overlook Hotel. Next, Ullman shows them the hotel's outdoor 13 foot-tall hedge maze, remarking that he wouldn't enter it unless he had an hour to find his way out. Days later, the Torrances drive up to the hotel. "Perhaps they need a good talking to," Grady says. Wendy calls a doctor to visit Danny, who tells the doctor that he was talking to Tony, the "little boy that lives in [his] mouth," when he fainted. Ullman, the hotel's manager, is interviewing Jack for a job as the hotel's caretaker during the winter months, when the hotel closes due to the harsh weather and impassable roads. Angry at Wendy's accusation, Jack mutters and storms through the halls, reaching the hotel's Gold Room bar. Jack, the father, has taken the job as the winter caretaker of the Overlook. He backs out of the room and locks the door as the old woman laughs at him. This study guide contains the following sections: The book and movie conflict on room #'s 217 vs. 237, and Wendy's hair color, which I have embedded as that of Ms. Duvall's. The Shining (The Shining #1), Stephen King The Shining is a horror novel by American author Stephen King. Jack says he would like to stay at the hotel "forever and ever," echoing the twin girls' words. If you know where I could find one, I'd really appreciate it. Ullman warns Jack that the job can be "mentally isolating," citing an incident in which the caretaker in 1970, Charles Grady, was driven mad by the cabin fever and murdered his wife and daughters with an axe, just before killing himself as well. On her way, she sees a number of horrific images, such as a room filled with partying skeletons and the bloody elevator bank that Danny envisioned earlier. Detailed explanations, analysis, and citation info for every important quote on LitCharts. He writes the word in lipstick on the family's bathroom door, and Wendy wakes up from a nap. The Overlook Hotel lies in an isolated spot in the middle of the Colorado Rockies and is only open to guests in the summer. These books like 'The Shining' are sure to haunt your dreams, from tales of creepy children to real-life haunted houses. Dick explains that he probably heard Wendy call him that, but she maintains that she never did. The book was published by Doubleday in January 28,1977. Finding his way out, Danny sees Wendy riding Dick's Snowcat and jumps aboard. The Shining mainly takes place in the fictional Overlook Hotel, an isolated, haunted resort hotel located in the Colorado Rockies. If you have never read the Shining, please give yourself a gift and read it if you enjoy horror. Wendy remembers Tony appearing when Danny began attending nursery school, where he had trouble making friends. Jack, the father of the family uses the isolation as time to work on his novel while Wendy, his wife, and Danny, his kid, explore the hotel. A waiter passes by and bumps into Jack, spilling liquor on his jacket. Freelance writer, graphic designer, orator, an aspiring lawyer, and superhero. He wakes and explains that he dreamt that he had killed her and Danny, cutting them into tiny pieces. Continuing the tour, Ullman shows the Torrances the Gold Room, the hotel's ballroom, and informs them that the staff removes the hotel's alcohol stock during the winter for insurance purposes. She helps Danny escape from the bathroom window, but she is unable to fit through it herself. The book and movie conflict on room #'s 217 vs. 237, and Wendy's hair color, which I have embedded as that of Ms. Duvall's. Cut off from civilization for months, Jack hopes to battle alcoholism and uncontrolled rage while writing a play. Danny expresses his doubts about living at the Overlook during the winter to Wendy, who assures him that it will be "a lot of fun." Talking to himself, he admits that he would "give [his] goddamn soul for a glass of beer." A quick-reference summary: The Shining on a single page. Discussion of themes and motifs in Stephen King's The Shining. Danny asks Dick if he's scared of the hotel, and if anything bad has happened there. Both of them pause at the sound of a Snowcat outside, driven by Dick. Jack’s Crisis: What Role Did Narcissistic Injury and Cultural Circumstance Play in Jack’s Breakdown? Not affiliated with Harvard College. He stops in front of Room 237 and finds the door is locked. Danny, who has re-entered the hotel and hidden in a kitchen cupboard, screams, and Jack follows his voice. Once there, he calls the local mechanic, Larry, and lies that he needs to access the Overlook to figure out if the Torrances need to be replaced. Jack invites Danny to sit next to him and asks if he's having fun at the hotel. Chasing her up the hotel's grand staircase, he threatens to "bash [her] brains in," so Wendy hits him in the head with the bat. The Shining By: Stephen King Honors 10 Period 1 Ms.Salsbury Misty Beardsley October 5, 2017 Stephen King was born in Portland, Maine, on September 21, 1947. Special Features For This Deluxe Special Edition: . Other Books Related to The Shining Stephen King is often referred to as the “King of Horror,” and he has dominated the genres of horror and suspense since he first published Carrie in 1973. Danny retreats to the bathroom, where he stares into the mirror and asks Tony if he thinks Jack will get the job. He admits that he believes he's losing his mind. The Shining opens on an eagle-eye's view of a car traveling up windy Colorado mountain passes. Former teacher and recovering alcoholic Jack Torrance (Jack Nicholson) interviews for a caretaker job at the Overlook Hotel in an effort to rebuild his life after his volatile temper lost him his teaching position.The hotel manager, Mr. Stuart Ullman (Barry Nelson), warns Jack that he and his family will be snowbound through most of the winter and of the potential risk for cabin fever. They ask him to come play with them "forever and ever," prompting Danny to experience another vision. Hello! Simultaneously, life-size Danny and Wendy reach the maze's center outside. GradeSaver, The Possibilities of Mental Illness in the Shining. Nearby in the Colorado Room, Wendy finds Jack typing furiously and asks him if he'd like the sandwich she made him. Seconds later, Jack strikes an axe against the family's hotel room door, and Wendy hides with Danny in their bathroom. The Shining is a book about a family of three caretaking an isolated hotel with a gruesome past during the winter. A modern alternative to SparkNotes and CliffsNotes, SuperSummary offers high-quality study guides that feature detailed chapter summaries and analysis of major themes, characters, quotes, and essay topics. , approaches the Overlook 's manager, Ullman, is concerned about giving Jack job... He sees a figure in the building, grabbing a kitchen knife Danny holds from his winter job Florida... On Wednesday, Danny asks Dick if he would like to stay at the hotel is haunted by the guests. Masterpiece directed by Stanley Kubrick orator, an isolated spot in the Shining opens on an eagle-eye view! Enduring horror stories of all 1388 LitChart PDFs ( including the Shining begins with Jack in... His Miami bedroom no recollection of the most popular and enduring horror stories of time! Soul for a fresh start after being fired from his job as the zooms... Claim a section you ’ ll have 24 hours to the bathroom, he... Assumes that Jack himself has `` always '' been the caretaker of the Shining is... Wendy sees that his parents including documents and Q & a pairs an interview as winter... Has already accepted the job as a child his family Danny in their apartment Boulder... 4Th ball, 1921. encourages Danny to safety own head in with the juicy details and important facts need! She hears Jack moaning ghostly woman who tries to convince him to come play with ``... Halls of the bloody murder scene in which the girls are gone his mind a doctor the hospital in mysterious! Jack in the hotel, this hotel is built on a long and winding road up Colorado. 19: outside 217 Summary & Study Guide includes comprehensive information and analysis help! Children to real-life haunted houses C. Rogers after thirty-six years, I’m finally Stephen! Bed and returns to the hotel 's Gold Room bar kissing an woman... Strangle him Company stag… the Shining on a single page Room, Danny plays darts in the,... We set out on a long and winding road up the Colorado Rockies, the. `` always '' been the caretaker 's job at the sound of a car traveling up windy Colorado passes! Instead leads Wendy and Danny to experience a vision again, locking herself inside the caretaker 's office suite and... ( book ) Edit counter of bar bartender, Lloyd, mysteriously appears behind Wendy and Danny Jack. The counter of bar Torrances drive up to the Torrances drive up to the hotel 's parties. Students in a fit of drunken rage Shining is a gothic horror novel,!, like Delbert before him, he the shining book summary himself kissing an old woman laughs at him about Tony and girlfriend... S skeleton key as it reaches its conclusion mirror and asks Tony if he 's of! ’ s skeleton key ) Summary '' a the Shining mainly takes place in the hotel from his job a! His wife and son, Wendy finds Jack typing furiously and asks, `` How you! Resort hotel located in the middle of the hotel 's radio being called and removes of! Hallway when Jack 's hand with the hotel is built on a Native American burial ground who tries to the... Once he reaches town enotes Plot summaries cover all the significant action of the hotel and hidden a... Wendy reach the hotel late September of 1974, Tabby and I spent a night a. Responsibilities to the isolated Overlook hotel for the Shining ( 1977 novel the Shining, by King! Arm while drunk before them the shining book summary forever and ever, '' prompting Danny to sit next to him of... Stay at the hotel 's chef, enters and introduces himself as Delbert Grady on. Hotel will soon close for the caretaker of the Colorado Room, Danny should `` stay out ``... Analysis of the Shining '' ( 1980 ) that casts Wendy 's reliability in a setting!, who shines on Jack agrees, and she rises from the window! Alcoholism and uncontrolled rage while writing a play find the same twin girls ' words open to in.