office managers, staff shortages at the front office are caused by the difficulty of get ting and retaining employees due to the low pay and long working hours. 12.1 INTRODUCTION the role of the front desk staff. In a sense, the front office department is an introduction to the company. The Use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in Front Office Operations of Chain Hotels in Ghana The front office department is the most important department where not only complaints about guests' accommodation activities but also complaints about all staff and departments are followed and followed. Discussion will include: • The essential roles of front line staff (the hardest job in the clinic) • How the work is organized and managed • How other support staff play a key role in PCMH transformation • Incorporating front line staff into the care team QUESTION FOR FRONT OFFICE 1.Hotel XYZ has a great deal of flexibility in responding to changes in local market conditions but cannot afford broad advertising exposure and pays relatively high prices for supplies. It sets the stage for a pleasant or an unpleasant visit. A four-star hotel How successfully the front office department runs is a reflection … The front office plays a major role in delivering hospitality to guests. The front office department is extremely important because in most cases the front desk is the first thing that a visitor will see. The Front Office develops and maintains a comprehensive database of guest information, coordinates guest services, and ensures guest … The hotel is most likely to be (a) Chain property (b) Independent property (c) Franchisee (d) Corporate property 2. The front office communicate guest’s requirement to other departments, which work in close coordination and cooperation to deliver required product and services. • Importance of front desk functions in a hotel, • meaning of front-of-the-house and back-of-the-house operations and their role in the hotel, • various operations associated with front office, and • importance of each of the front-desk operations in context to the smooth running of the hotel. Importance of Front Office Department: Traditional Front Office functions include reservation, registration, room and rate assignment, guest services, room status, maintenance and settlement of the guest account, and creation of guest history records. The third edition of Hotel Front Office Management continues to address the demands of the hotel industry in the new millennium. Educators who are preparingprofession-als for roles as front office managers and general managers in hotels are required to meet the challenges of operations, technology, training, empowerment, and international ap- This study determines and analyzes the importance of computerized systems to the reservation and front office operations of mostly small to medium-size hotels in the Province of Batangas, Philippines. The first importance of front office operations is that it is the first point of contact that a guest or a potential guest makes with a hotel, either by telephone, writing or in person.