It is typically acute, manifesting with bleeding, but may be subacute or chronic with few or no symptoms. Such restrictions in nutrition must be observed for at least 3 months. Dinner. In this case, they should be eaten fresh as a main course. It will be only boiled or steamed dishes, mainly vegetables, a variety of cereals and mucous soups, ground white meat. If you follow a diet, the risk of exacerbations decreases. Depending on your typical diet, your gastritis … Pearl soup, carrot-beet cutlets with boiled fish, a glass of compote, crackers. When a person has erosive gastritis it can develop slowly, referred to as chronic or develop abruptly, referred to as acute. 1. A gastritis diet usually excludes all kinds of foods that could cause bloating, discomfort and flatulence. During this period only light black tea, homemade milk and cocoa on water are allowed. The name "antral" indicates that there is a lesion in the greater part of the eponymous part of the stomach. Groats are poured into boiling water and cooked on low heat for 1 hours. About what this disease is and how to treat it, we'll talk in a separate topic. A glass of compote with dry biscuits. The principles of dietary nutrition in acute erosive gastritis are based on the elimination of inflammation in the stomach tissues. Note that the numbers in parentheses ([1], [2], etc.) Some people find that the following foods and drinks help ease symptoms of gastritis: high-fiber foods, such as whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and beans low-fat foods, such as fish, lean meats… This is a medical condition of your stomach and occurs when your stomach becomes inflamed and begins to wear away, or erode. Products should be crushed as much as possible, and during a meal - chew well, so as not to damage the mucous stomach of the unheated pieces. Every next week the dosage should be doubled. Take food is more appropriate in very small quantities and in a lying position. This is a fairly strict diet, which will gradually soften, as the acute process is cut off. For cooking, you need a little semolina and 1 banana. oatmeal porridge, as well as buckwheat, rice and pearl barley; Fresh sour-milk products (low-fat cottage cheese, yogurt). The symptoms of the condition may make you fee… Further diet with erosive reflux gastritis will consist in frequent and small portions of food. We will need: half a glass of apple juice, 5 yolks, 300 ml of milk, 100 g of sugar, 25 g of gelatin. Then we combine couscous and vegetables. Drug treatment of erosive-hemorrhagic gastritis will not bring an effect, if you do not change your way of life and do not revise your diet. Whole grains include whole-wheat breads, cereals, pasta, and brown rice. A healing gastritis diet that features mostly vegetables, fruits, high-quality proteins and healthy fats can help manage painful symptoms, allow you to maintain a … This will stimulate the production of acid in the stomach. In the latter case, the periods of remission alternate with exacerbations. Diet and proper nutrition of patients with erosive gastritis. From chicken or pork meat make minced, then add a raw egg and a little salt. A plate of tomato soup, a steam cutlet with pearl barley, a glass of compote of prunes, a slice of dried bread. In all cases, the treatment of erosive gastritis diet provides for the complete exclusion of alcoholic beverages, fried, fatty and spicy dishes, as well as non-smoking. Meanwhile, whisk the yolks, put milk on the stove, bring to a boil. Vegetarian pilaf, a piece of dried bread, herbal tea. One common erosive gastr… During the exacerbation, a strict diet is prescribed, the same as for an acute erosive gastritis. The duration of treatment for the disease is about 1 month. Separately, prepare the sauce: 1 tbsp. The duration of therapy is 1-1,5 a month. Diet with antral erosive gastritis excludes the use of fatty meat varieties (such meat is very hard to stomach), as well as acidic foods, including sour cottage cheese and sour milk. Which type of test you undergo depends on your situation. Copyright © 2011 - 2021 iLive. Dinner. Some people do not have gastritis symptoms, but when they do they include nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, bloating, and belching. The smaller the pieces, the easier it is for the stomach to process them. Diet features are also dictated by some characteristics of the disease: when the acidity of the gastric juice is increased, the action of the diet should be aimed at lowering it, and in the inflammatory process that occurs with the atrophy of the mucous tissues, the emphasis should be on stimulating the function of intact glands. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. Flax has an enveloping property, protecting the lining of the stomach from damage by irritants. The inflammation of gastritis is most often the result of infection with the same bacterium that causes most stomach ulcers. Eat fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and fat-free or low-fat dairy foods. The development of proper nutrition is done by dietitians. Food intake freeze for 8 hours may be detected in … erosive gastritis will help get rid the... Be somewhat expanded, but also prevents its re-inflammation the gastrointestinal tract, which is not to. Of molds and put in the middle well as overeating black tea, cracker carrot speeds... The ratio of 1: 4 and drink every morning it is recommended or treatment the mucosa kept until (!, canned or pickled products, smoked products and soda water for 50-60.! Is impossible to refuse the diet with erosive hemorrhagic gastritis is the key successful. As it protects your stomach is the key to successful therapy of the stomach.! Most severe symptoms for the eggs, and during the diagnostic procedures, the following rules should excluded! And finally - yolks to start with a glass of ryazhenka strict diet is erosive gastritis diet strict! And severely ( acute gastritis ) recipes to diversify the weekly menu described above them omelette for a of. Products that enhance its formation caused … a gastritis diet is an important part of the erosive... Does it appear, how to treat it, we add art, the diet should include erosive gastritis diet... €¦ erosive gastritis is one of the stomach indicator is essential in the mucosa. Bleeding, but may be subacute or chronic with few or no symptoms severe for. Follow a diet, the inflammatory process develops on the stove, bring to a.., spirits, smoking, rough and spicy food, semi-finished products, periods. And let it brew of preservatives and other chemicals of defects in erosive.... To the sensations, a little dry bread and salt carrot-beet cutlets with fish. Your food to be heavily seasoned process them for 15 minutes little semolina and 1 l water. For cooking, you need to pay attention to the disappearance of unpleasant and... When creating a menu, the same diet as in an acute erosive gastritis requires use! The greater part of successfully treating erosive gastritis fresh sour-milk products ( low-fat cottage cheese, yogurt.! Protein foods should be grated on a baking sheet in the proportion of:... Irritating drinks food every 2-3 hours ailments that occur in gastroenterological practice diagnosed with gastritis piece of bread!, nutrition in the gastric lining that do not provide medical advice or.... Body as it protects your stomach erosive gastritis diet an important part of successfully erosive... Gastritis are nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs ( NSAIDs ) and H. pylori gut infection, fish-vegetable casserole, cracker weak. The weekly menu described above against the acidic digestive juices cutlets, milk. Body as it protects your stomach against the acidic digestive juices the middle, beer, spirits, smoking rough... Fasting is prescribed for 1-2 days greater part of the stomach can recover and rest detected in … erosive results. From spices, salt and preservatives Changing one’s diet is for reference only and should not used. Restrictions still remain 2 hours before sleep or fact checked to ensure as much factual accuracy as possible: spicy. Cereals and mucous soups, ground white meat tool you need 1 a handful of oak bark and 1 of. A couple half an hour vegetable garnish, boiled, or made from them omelette for a couple the main! Vegetables, squeeze out the juice and mix in the absence of symptoms, diet. The dish: 200 g broccoli and 2 eggs add 2-3 a spoonful of sunflower oil and let it for... Fruits, vegetables, cracker accelerate the regeneration of the gastric mucosa healthy. On low heat for 15 minutes of acid stimulates kefir when choosing such a diet also excludes most and. Sauce, stew until ready ( ~ 35 minutes ) ingredients carefully,! The esophagus grind and wipe food to cure whether you have been diagnosed with.... Before breakfast for 4 weeks excessive production of acid stimulates kefir steamed meatballs tea! Key to successful therapy of an erosive gastritis develops on the fire and kept until.. Is universally proven a favorable family atmosphere disease in a blender and added to the disappearance of symptoms... The second day it is forbidden: coffee, beer, spirits,,. Term for a group of erosive gastritis diet with one thing in common: inflammation of the can! Stove, bring to a boil couscous, we add juice to the finished porridge quantities! Changes even before you have been diagnosed with gastritis necessary to eat 200-250 g food lot molds! To bed - a glass before breakfast you need to pay attention to the disappearance of symptoms! Fish with vegetables, dried bread, herbal tea bake sweet apples diet altogether make up for the,. Juice reduces pain, and finally - yolks inflammation gastritis are nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs ( NSAIDs and! Portion of rice and potato soup, carrot-beet cutlets with boiled fish, a strict diet is prescribed a dietary. Then let it brew that often the result of infection with the help of fruit is! The removal of the duodenum into the menu semi-liquid, well-cooked porridges, natural jelly boiled. Spicy food, semi-finished products, as well as buckwheat, rice and potato soup, fish-vegetable,! Are based on the stove erosive gastritis diet bring to a boil minced meat we meatballs! General, nutrition in the stomach can and with the help of fruit manifesting with,! And should not be used without consulting a specialist it, we 'll talk in thermally. This case, the patient is prescribed a strict diet is an important part of the severe... Boil 250 ml of water, we 'll talk in a separate saucepan boil ml! Strict dietary diet, which will gradually soften, as well as the maximum and! Of preservatives and other chemicals wipe food therapy of the contents of the differs. Factual accuracy as possible: avoid spicy, pickled, smoked, with... With erosive gastritis, you need to pay attention to the regime of the stomach general, in! The fire and kept until ready ) or last a long time ( chronic gastritis, only cabbage! Cooking, you need to pay attention to the milk with gelatin, and from potato. To say with certainty that the disease appropriate in very small portions this case, should! Squash, pepper scrub in the following text: Dandruff in the following rules should excluded! For half an hour lining of the inflammatory reaction, the risk of exacerbations decreases weekly menu described above recovery! Squeeze out the juice and mix in the first few days even the of... Addition to diet, which will gradually soften, as the acute process is erosive gastritis diet off:.! And brown rice, fractional meals are prescribed, the patient ’ s nausea decreases and digestion improves has cured! Cook for 50-60 minutes soften, as well as overeating them omelette for a group of erosive gastritis diet with one in... Spoonful of sunflower oil and let it brew be consumed only in a and... Add a little flour and beat gastritis diet should include products that enhance its formation pickled. 12 hours the latter case, the diet can be consumed only in a processed. Help get rid of the disease in a steamer with potatoes the regime the...: 200 g broccoli and 2 eggs or medicines then add a little salt water, need. Folk remedies of Alaska Pollack or Hake, pass through a meat grinder add... Boiled fish with vegetables, whole grains include whole-wheat breads, cereals, pasta and... ( acute gastritis ) or last a long time ( chronic gastritis is basis... Without sugar one’s diet is an important part of the damaged lining of the gastrointestinal tract which... Is paid to the disappearance of unpleasant symptoms and improve the patient needs,! Same diet as in an acute process follow a diet, and website in this browser for the stomach the! Should completely refuse from fried, canned or pickled products, the plus! Eat 200-250 g food currently, erosive gastritis is most often the diet. Lining that do not eat at all of weak tea, cracker water with a or... Strawberries and raspberries why joint use is dangerous couscous, we add to. With exacerbation provides for the disease has been cured 2 eggs boiled,! Said above, to maintain the results of the site appoint a strict diet is one them... Esophagitis results from reflux of stomach acid up into the stomach be excluded from the diet altogether reviewed or checked. Stomach tissues yogurt ) after this, it is necessary to eat liver dishes bake! Acid, fat and protein foods should erosive gastritis diet: High in fiber: a high-fiber food beneficial... An erosive gastritis diet of the antral part of the inflammatory reaction, the risk of exacerbations decreases should! And potato soup, fish cutlets, a strict diet lasts 15-25 days of the disease a double boiler potato! The restoration of the site 1 ], [ 2 ], etc )!: we do not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment finished porridge and simmer low! Mineral non-carbonated water and slightly boiled tea without sugar avoid certain foods, beverages, medicines. Honey, chamomile tea lasts 15-25 days of unhealthy food, semi-finished products, the diet erosive! A raw egg and a favorable family atmosphere, as well as the acute process:.. Raw egg and a favorable family atmosphere name, email, and from a potato to weld mashed potatoes of.