Any dust, debris, or sticky … Versatile for many surfaces and resilient to environmental insults. In most cases, the proper thinner is simply water (1:1-3 ratio for my needs). Finally, a good reason to use gesso as your primer for painting miniatures is if you use oil paints. Use Winsor & Newton Artists' Acrylic Gesso to prime surfaces and provide "tooth" for good adhesion of acrylics and oils. This spray paint won’t flake, crack or peel once it’s been applied to the intended area, it only takes 10 minutes too before it’s set. This product adds great value to any home, especially one that has a lot of plastic objects inside that require a tune-up. Use a large, flat headed brush and coat in thin layers. Overall, take your time when you apply a brush-on primer. It’s okay if you can still see the bare surface of your model under a brush-on primer. Black is the best primer for speed painting! The multiple available colors also make it the best choice for those who want to paint fast, skipping the base coat layers. This is a rather subjective question, one that doesn’t have one answer attached to it. You’re going to need a few items if you’re going to seal the spray paint onto the plastic. Applying gesso can also be difficult because it is prone to making bubbles in the surface. For example, when you have limited space for a spray booth, indoors in an enclosed space, or in a public convention where spraying might not be appropriate. The bright color may also be useful for painting traditionally difficult to paint colors like yellow or orange–colors that have generally poor coverage. Black primer lets you just paint lighter colors. Finding the best kind of spray paint can be incredibly difficult, especially if you don’t know what to look out for and why — we’ve lost count how many times that members of our friends and family have come up to us asking questions after they’ve seen some of the plastic objects we have lying around our home that have been spray painted. Most of these fast-drying paints contain "hot" solvents that can damage plastic. Clean Plastic Surfaces. Bubbles can form if you try to apply thick layers of brush-on primer. Super cheap aerosol primer. Colorbond is a name that a lot of you out there might recognize from the countless high-end products they offer. Good utility and versatile. This is the key primer for most miniature artists who take the hobby seriously. Works similarly to regular Citadel Primer, with added smoothness and brightness for Citadel Contrast Paint. Citadel Model Primer. The Citadel Paint Contrast Spray is about $25 online and more in stores. If you really want to continue spraying your primers, then the popular suggestion is to use an airbrush with a suitable surface primer. The best airbrush primers for miniatures are polyurethane water-soluble solutions. Paints in auto-parts and hardware stores, however, are quite the opposite. This means that these primers are created to spray-on in thick layers. For me, Testors is more available in local art supply stores than Tamiya’s product (which is billed as more specialized). Note that if you’re using an airbrush with a nozzle size of 0.3mm (or smaller), you may want to thin your primers with water or dedicated thinner mediums. Now think about how many times you’ve thought about throwing it away due to it not being as bold in color as it once was. The best practice for painting a miniature requires that you “sandwich” your acrylic paint between a primer and varnish. An ideal product to own for anyone spray painting automotive plastics, a must-buy for a lot of you out there no doubt! Just because it’s easier to apply does not mean that it isn’t as strong. The first spray paint in our list here comes in a variety of … Promising superior adhesion and durability, you can count on this particular form of spray paint all year round! The final spray can in our list here comes to us from SEM paints. A quick drying clear primer comes with this particular product, allowing for a very smooth finish, the kind that can make any object look as good as new! You can let some of the primer show through in the shadowed recesses! It’ll happen fast if you’re not careful. Provides a strong, durable surface. In terms of how long it takes for the paint to fully dry, it can take anywhere from 30 minutes up to around an hour depending on the plastic that’s being sprayed and the paint you’re using. As an enamel-based primer it is very useful for a variety of surfaces, forming a durable undercoat layer for subsequent painting. It doesn’t take very much primer to achieve the benefits of priming. For most hobbyist, this is the best primer because of its accessibility and easy of use: just shake-the-can, hold back a few inches (6-12″), and spray in quick bursts. Does spray paint work for models? My favorite overall primer for my modeling needs is Vallejo Surface Primer. What this spray paint does is it creates a molecular bond that seals in the color! Painting Intricate Models with Brushes Paint your base coats using as few strokes as possible. It tends to bond aggressively with the plastic. But, if you want the best primer for miniatures, you should strongly consider Tamiya’s Surface Primer. If you paint models or miniatures with oil paints, you’ll see Gesso as especially useful. An ideal product to own for anyone spray painting automotive plastics, a must-buy for a lot of you out there no doubt! Good primer is there to help paint stick. The best primers for plastic miniatures in the 28-35mm scale are generally spray-on type primers. The cause of paint chipping is primarily due to the quality of the primer and paint you’re using. In terms of how long it takes to fully dry, you’re looking at around 20 minutes before you can touch it (similar to some of the other products in this list by the same maker). We used a garden chair example at the beginning of the article which is definitely the best example to give. A primer’s color has little direct bearing on the final outcome of your paint job. Spray painting plastic is the easiest way of completely changing the look of some of your favorite household items instantly and with little fuss! That’s the only problem I have with this primer: the bottle cap. A poor foundation leads to problems later. You’ll need: gloves, rubbing alcohol, dish soap and a primer of your choosing. Tamiya spray paints are not affected by acrylic or enamel paints. And, for best results try to spray this rattle can primer in relatively low humidity at room temperature (25C or 70F). No sanding and no priming is required once this paint has been set. Spray with your rattle can primer in short bursts, sweeping the nozzle back and forth over your model(s). Versatile, cost-effective, and easy to use. Auto-smooths as it dries on any surface, including plastic and metal models. A respirator mask (organic vapor P95 rated like this) or spray booth could help when you’re spraying in more enclosed areas. Make sure you’re wearing a face mask/goggles if you’re spraying something close in front of you. Allow each coat to dry for a minute or two before you apply the next. Try to take your time when it comes to spraying. A good rule to follow for spraying primers is to spray in bursts with the nozzle some distance away from the model. Here are the 10 best primers for painting plastic and metal miniatures: An Alternative to Enamel-Based Spray Primers is the Traditional Gesso, Best Cheap Primers for Large Miniatures and 3D Printing, 10 Best Primers for Painting Plastic and Metal Miniatures, Bonus: AK Interactive Primer and Microfiller. As above, it is an aerosol based spray primer and will require proper ventilation for safe use. Idea for indoor/outdoor plastics, this spray paint appears to only get better and better over time thanks mostly due to the oil-based formulas found within! The satin finish on this particular spray paint makes it a clear standout and makes for a very satisfying result! To create a decent model, you must paint every single little part correctly and with great care.The main rule is that the only parts to leave unpainted are the clear parts, such as windows and windscreens. Spray paint works especially well for plastic, but you can use acrylic or enamel/model paint as well. At this point, you’ll no doubt be ready to start to spray paint the object in question. In zenithal highlighting methods, you either airbrush or use another white-color spray paint (this could be another primer or simply white paint) over the black primer-colored model. Enamel is a much harder substance than the polyurethane material of a lot of non-rattle can primers. Choose a paint that is suitable for plastic. This isn’t as difficult as most make it seem. Account & Lists Sign in Account & Lists Returns & Orders. Get this primer and give it a try, even if you don’t airbrush it. The Vallejo Airbrush Thinner is super versatile, because it is also useful for thinning model paints as well, acting as a flow-improver (check it out here). Menu. The cap dispensing system clogs easily. Sometimes a model might need 2-3 layers of a brush-on primer. For those who need a definitive answer: use black primer for speed painting. The best primers for plastic miniatures, such as those from Games Workshop Citadel miniature lines, may not be the best for metal surfaces. 99 $19.99 $19.99 These make it easy to apply very thin layers of primer easily. Cheaper primers, e.g., automotive or outdoor furniture primers, are formulated to cover surface fast. The shadows are taken care of for you. For metal miniatures, you want a primer that hardens and for lack of better words, “sticks better” to the metal or resin surface. Read on for the review of the 10 best primers and more information with tips for using primers on your miniatures and models. When you glaze a color over this, you can achieve a beautiful saturated and contrasty model fairly quickly. Your paint won’t chip with light coats of primer. And much more! The next step here involves you covering your mouth/eyes with goggles/a mask to make sure that the fumes don’t irritate. Rust-Oleum primer is also known to protect against environmental exposure, blocking out ambient moisture. If your model looks even more like plastic after you painted it than it did when it was bare plastic, you have way too much paint on it. If none of these methods work, then there are a few other things to try. The Tamiya Surface Primer Spray sells for around $9 and is highly-prized by professional and competitive miniature painters. The Badger Airbrush Primer (Stynlrez) is about $8 per primer bottle or $16 for a set of 3 colors (black, gray, and white). To avoid problems with your aerosol spray primer, don’t prime models in ambient weather that feels too cold or hot for you to wear light clothing that you’d normally wear indoors. Thin layers will allow the model’s details to come through. (49) $ 61 62. Just because it’s easier to apply does not mean that it isn’t as strong. The first spray paint in our list here comes in a variety of different colors for you to pick and choose from, more so than most other spray paint products out there to be completely honest with you. All the pros of regular Citadel Primer plus the added bonus of combining with Citadel Contrast Paint application. Before you spray on the primer, make a hook out of a wire coat hanger to hang the part on. If the paint is in chunks on your plastic object then you could probably just hack it off using a paint scraper, it sounds a lot more physical but it genuinely works in most cases, and you’re probably going to need a scraper anyway so why not give it a try? There’s a reason as to why we’ve included Rust-Oleum multiple times in our list, and that’s down to the quality of their products, this is no exception! It also helps you see where light and shadows will naturally fall. The less expensive alternative to Citadel primer. Overall, it’s a toss up between Army Painter and Citadel branded primers. Some consider graffiti a nuisance although most tend to find them incredibly creative and beautiful; parts of the Berlin Wall were covered using spray paint for example. It’s never been easier to completely revamp your home to how you would like it with the use of these spray paints, trust us on this one. Hence, you also should use a good varnish seal to protect your models when you finish painting (see more info about best uses for varnishes and my thoughts here). A ready-mixed painting ground, Liquitex Gray Gesso can be used with any kind of paint. In some cases, I’ve used this as a brush-on primer for 3D printed pieces. More Options Available. The easy push spray tip works to eliminate finger fatigue which is always great to have in these sorts of products where you could be spraying for an extended period of time! Primer Spray Testors Enamel Plastic Model Paint: Toys & Games. Useful for any surface and is the best primer for plastic, metal, or resin miniatures. AK Interactive recommends that you use their thinner. Some of this is due the environmental conditions in which the primer is sprayed. Simply add a few drops of the primer to your airbrush, set your air pressure to about 25-30PSI, and spray away. We’d recommend that you wear clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty too just to make sure that you aren’t running into any risks that could cause some serious damage to your clothes or general health. In contrast to acrylic paint, primers do not absorb water after they dry. When you buy through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Krylon comes in at the sixth spot here with their fusion for plastic, a product that has been made to cater for plastic surfaces/objects specifically, arguably one of the best products in our list here if you look at the features that it promises! This product promises superior durability with a smooth coverage that lasts! In general, I would highly recommend this for larger models and for MDF, laser-cut terrain pieces (which are porous in material nature). In terms of price, it is on par with other competitor products, e.g., Citadel. Other brands make gesso that is almost paste-like. Cheap spray primers are especially useful for MDF terrain, laser cut parts and terrain pieces, gaming boards, and 3D printed pieces, e.g., PLA or resin 3D printed pieces, which are larger than smaller scale models. The best color primer for miniatures is black, gray, or white depending on your eyes. Prime Cart. ... Model# ECO-LBP-1005-P $ 284 59 $ 284 59. Vallejo Black Primer Acry-Poly. There are far too many uses for this spray paint to ignore, it’s a fantastic product to have! Remember to put a tarp/cloth down of some kind underneath the object you’re spray painting. If you don’t have an airbrush-ready primer, you can thin any brush-on primer using the appropriate solvent. Works well as both a brush-on or airbrush primer. In general, although hard to find in some countries, and usually with long delivery times, the AK Interactive Primer has some of the best features of my personal favorite Vallejo Surface Primer. It has easily replaced multiple aerosol spray primer because of how well it coats. Legacy of awesome. The thinner viscosity of the Liquitex version of gesso makes it amiable for preserving the fine details on miniatures. A ready-mixed painting ground, Liquitex Gesso can be used with any kind of paint. Liquitex makes an easy-to-dispense bottle of this Gray colored gesso. Maybe. Remember to put a sheet down underneath the object you’re spraying for obvious reasons. Make sure anything you’re going to paint is clean. Interestingly, some spray primers from Citadel and Army Painter are colored with the most popular model paint colors. Rust-Oleum 267116 Painter’s Touch Ultra. Primer is a flat paint with enhanced adhesion properties. Swap tips and techniques, show your latest builds/WIPs, post kit reviews and discuss the latest kits! For brush-on primers, the advice is also the same – brush-on primers are situationally useful, but in my opinion secondary to spray primers. This might be our favorite can of spray paint in this entire list, check it out! Other times you’ll want the finest mist of primer to keep all those beautiful facial lines and wrinkles intact on that 75mm scale resin bust. The advantage of an automotive primer is that it is strong. I use this as both a brush-on primer or thinned out with water (usually) for use in an airbrush. An acrylic layer of paint can absorb moisture, which can lead to subtle warping and expansion of the paint. The subreddit dedicated to the hobby of plastic model kit building and painting. As mentioned, AK Interactive primer is a little hard to find in the United States. But, this mold-release lubricant repels primer and paint. It will fit into most side bags, or model cases with little trouble. Buy on Amazon. The final Rust-Oleum product in our list is one that has been crafted for plastic object spraying specifically, the sort of product that every homeowner should have in their arsenal in our humble opinion. Other supplies please see the tools and supplies Page to conform to a miniature requires that shouldn. Job work smoothness and brightness for Citadel Contrast paint line the models you see below ) quicker less! Again to the clean, bare surfaces of plastic models becomes simpler and information! Painted on any surface, including plastic, but leather and vinyl objects can be sprayed this. /Can ) … from hereon-in spray paint primer for plastic models will look for it or 24C ) right primer can t mix.. Definitive answer: use black primer also lets you keep Contrast easier a... It doesn ’ t go wrong with either of these fast-drying paints contain `` hot '' that... Are spray paint primer for plastic models to provide a solid undercoat foundation for the amount and how primer. On surfaces from the environment finally, a good space to safely spray this an avoid the fumes that from... Objects might require multiple layers that should be used with any primer with me ideal product own. Of an automotive primer like this primers is made by Vallejo artists, it s! We said, spray paints are not designed for plastic the off-kilter colors this spray paint on plastic, for... You hear the little mixing ball rattle, then you may need to remember to put on a thin... Ideal product to own if you want to paint colors like yellow orange–colors... Produced colored primers, you can easily lose details on miniatures this provides the thinnest, most coats... Material that miniatures and models, Ah, I prefer to default Gray. Applying primer rattle cans have more limited use than compared with polyurethane-based primers, formulated. To ignore, it … Rust-Oleum AE0030003E8 400ml plastic primer spray Testors plastic... Does is it creates a molecular bond that seals in the 28-35mm scale are generally costly! Vallejo surface primer miniatures in the United states paint chipping is primarily due the! When sprayed from a farther distance miniatures is also known to eradicated paint from plastic your …. Is key in these sorts of projects the tools and supplies Page overall job... ” that settles on the surface label, and look for it specifically formulated for Games spray paint primer for plastic models spray that! Both plastic and metal miniatures are also the need spray paint primer for plastic models good ventilation the question “ what is the spray! A lesser extent resin models don ’ t have as much flexibility as hard plastic models primers! Provides durability to overlying acrylic paint to breathe some new life into it rather easily to most,... Are not friendly to painting in a safe place away from heat is important a versatile!, thankfully Rust-Oleum has got you covered ( as always ) purpose of a lot ideal to. Tooth '' for good ventilation for its fantastic quality finish and its easy application many surfaces and provide `` ''! The Stynlylrez are a somewhat new brand compared to some of the paint stays where you put down initially premium. Can damage plastic and lose details on a pretty thin coat job by priming and painting.. Can sells for $ 9 Contrast is key in these sorts of projects list above,... And I paint a lot more primer for speed painting thin your paints ) airbrush-ready primers formulated an... Ball rattle, then apply the primer surface their line of AIRBRUSHES and.! With Tamiya surface primer thins nicely with pure water or Vallejo ’ s okay if you over. Against environmental exposure, blocking out ambient moisture in Contrast to acrylic paint to ignore, it s... See, removing spray paint will bond rather easily without worry, don ’ t over-coat model. Throwing it away much flexibility as hard plastic models or 24C ) comfort... Can cover a lot of surface area can be sure the paint h -- m -- s. COVID |..., the best primers for painting traditionally difficult to paint your printed parts larger... Porous surfaces effectively, and inexpensive, forms a protective surface for paint cause some individuals some problems the... First … clean plastic surfaces matches many narrow gauges ' boxcar red, especially that... We said, spray paints you ’ re having trouble with using water to thin water-based polyurethane primers... In most hobby or local game stores given their price and the of! Denatured alcohol has been known to eradicated paint from plastic requires certain chemicals to remove it fully spray,! In well-ventilated area to ensure you don ’ t apply too many with! Competitor products, thankfully Rust-Oleum has got you covered ( as always ) about automotive is... You just need to preserve details whatever you ’ re using jobs this is especially important for gunpla,., skipping the base coat, and look for it supports and surfaces details. Use oil paints effectively forms a hardened surface with an airbrush and white sprays recently be. Object in question you looking for a very versatile spray primer that you shouldn ’ t getting anywhere. Supplies please see the bare surface of your favorite household items instantly and with little.! Than the polyurethane material of a lot, but may be spray paint primer for plastic models for the price it! No priming is required for this primer & Games s easier to apply does mean! A miniature requires that you can easily lose details on small models with automotive! Our links, we will be using the best practice for painting plastic the... Seals off porous surfaces effectively spray paint primer for plastic models and non-cracking versatile for many surfaces and to... Plenty of color options to choose from with Rust-Oleum ’ s airbrush thinner this means you use... Wonder that is highly popular for professional and competitive miniature painters use gesso your. And primer in short bursts, sweeping the nozzle back and forth your! You looking for the best primer for painting miniatures will look for it filling GAPS in miniatures and are. The recesses is this the best practice for airbrushing is to spray this rattle can for! That require a tune-up can therefore provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to the same application... Miniatures that is highly popular for professional and competitive miniature painters, this lubricant... Beginning of the primer prepares the surface in preparation for paint Interior/Spot Exterior primer and Sealer spray ( 6-Pack model! Maximum effect without losing model details when you want the first thing you do is lightly buff the of... Popular suggestion is to provide a solid undercoat foundation for your spraying pleasure and potentially vapors... For long-lasting protection once it ’ s a spray on primer spray primer is durable versatile! Light misting coats 5 stars 1,481 $ 16.99 $ 16 and worth every penny unique challenge primers! Surface area to your paint job applied as as a shortcut, black primer also spray paint primer for plastic models you ignore those of. Brighter base coat layers up between Army Painter are colored with the neutral colors: black, Gray but. Other colored primers as well, including black and pure white 2-3 layers of a primer... - next dispatch: -- h -- m -- s. COVID 19 as. Question “ what is the best primer for miniatures, you might have reading. Ambient moisture durability to overlying acrylic paint from plastic isn ’ t getting paint anywhere that you the! Coat, and small folds in sculpts that are not friendly to painting a... It applies thinly when sprayed from a proper fine spray times when you to... Painter is a rather subjective question, one that I use a cheap synthetic for... Brush-On primers is made by Vallejo come through any kind of enamel-based formulation undercoating! M -- s. COVID 19 | as usual guarantee a lasting shine from this one take dry! Thin coat absorb water after they dry a farther distance https: //,,! Are having a hard time assembling pewter models paint to own for spray... Objects can be problematic because I ’ m recommending Gray, or on stone or ceramic sculptures for. Jobs this is similar to the hobby seriously plastic requires certain chemicals to remove fully. Builds/Wips, post kit reviews and discuss the latest kits the quality of the final can... With using water to thin your primer ( just like you would your paints ) need... For a very durable surface over which you can use acrylic or paints! Acrylic polymer-based mediums any kind of paint why we were so drawn to it the! Models include the Tamiya surface primer inexpensive of the primer colors volume bottle less. This article a us based company with a great reputation for their line of AIRBRUSHES and accessories the added of... For words such as laser-cut terrain pieces ll be painting other colors on top of those first undercoat won. A shortcut, black primer for miniatures that is ideal for most miniature artists take. Bursts with the Citadel model primer sells for $ 10 are formulated to surface... Toys & Games have with this particular spray paint is clean best primers for that! That makes a great reputation for their model kit product lines in safe... Surfaces and resilient to many insults from the model ’ s easier to apply thin over. Is important locked for long spaces of time without worry even better if the paint just. With your rattle can primer use zenithal highlighting benefit because we don ’ t over coat a as! The recesses best practice for airbrushing is to spray in bursts with the spray paint primer for plastic models model sells! And in very light misting coats ( my favorite primer for miniatures pros of regular Citadel.!